Hank Bangcock

Hank Bangcock

Piercing Specialist


Our Friend. 1967-2017

May He Rest In Peace

Thank you for all the good times. Our brother Hank has traveled to the great beyond and we wish him well. Until we meet again old friend.

Piercing is Hank's life. He has been in the industry since 1991 and swears he could not have found a better place for his skills. In that time he has had the opportunity to pierce people from all over the world, from all walks of life and considers it a unique privilege to serve his clientèle. He does not find pleasure in causing pain to his clientèle, but feels that it is an important part of the experience. You will find he does everything feasible to make the piercing experience as comfortable and painless as possible, but it is not the pain that gets people. This is accomplished by a great bedside manner and years of experience that insures fast and accurate results. Hank has the advantage of being brought up in the “Old School” of piercing and having an excellent group of colleagues around him to guarantee that he is kept up to date on modern techniques.

Hank feels that he is participating in an ancient trade. If we were living a thousand years ago, he would have been a priest in a temple performing sacred initiations. He is aware that everyone comes to the experience with their own expectations and is gifted at making even the most terrified client confident. He feels a connection to those who have practiced this art throughout the ages and hopes to live up to the high standards of his community and colleagues.

His training began at Body Basics under the tutelage of Master Body Piercer “Mad” Jack Kaplan(1952-2007.) Jack was an innovator and was doing experimental work in the eighties when the trade was in the dark ages. Under his watchful eye, Hank first learned the trade of jewelry production and after the first year was accepted into Jack’s three-year apprenticeship program. He was expected to stay in service to the shop for the three years. In 1995 hank opened practice at Chicago Tattoo. Thanks to Dale and the staff Swank Body Modifications flourished there until he concluded his tenure in 2004. Hank accepted an invitation to take a position at The Tattoo Factory, the classic Uptown tattoo shop. In December of 2005 our shop moved into a newly renovated shop that is the most beautiful shop you have ever been in. After 30 years in our old shop, we knew exactly how to design a studio built for your comfort and modesty. The piercing quarters can be totally sealed when required or open so twenty of your best friends can be there with you.

If you would like to be pierced by Hank, he would be honored. He finds appointments are cumbersome, so he works on a strict walk-in basis. He is capable of performing any piercing that you may be interested in receiving with speed and grace. If you have questions, give him a call, you will find nothing but straight talk and answers.

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