Jeff "Frosty" Fraas

Jeff "Frosty" Fraas

Tattoo Artist

Looking for a guy who will do a tattoo the way you want it? Well, look no further, Frosty is your man! This is the guy who will listen to what you are asking for and turn your ideas into the tattoo you've been looking for. Whether you have an image already picked out or need the skills of an artist, you will find him capable and enthusiastic.

Frosty has been working for Tattoo Factory for his entire career, he started his apprenticeship back in 2005 under Master Tattooist Jerry Thrash, when we were across the street in the old shop. Since then, he has been in the deep end of our industry, working hard to perfect his skill and give his clientele the tattoo they deserve.

His style has been heavily influenced by the street art movement of the last couple of decades. Like tattoo art it has a raw nature not seen in many other art forms. Tattooing is often motivated by a preference on the part of the client to communicate directly with the public at large, free from perceived confines of the formal art world. It offers Frosty the opportunity to have a more "permanent" piece that impacts the wearer and those who see it for a lifetime.

If you would like to get worked on by Frosty, he is in the shop

Thursday - Monday from 6pm till 2am

He will be happy to book time with you or you can come in during his hours, either way you're walking out with a one-of-a-kind tattoo you'll love for the rest of your life!

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