Jenny Gomez

Jenny  Gomez

Piercing Specialist

Jenny is our female piercer at Tattoo Factory and looks forward to being your piercer! She has been piercing since 2004 and loves her craft. Jenny is educated and well trained in a variety of body modifications and piercings.

Her interest in body piercing all started when she was thirteen and got her first piercing. For Jenny, it was a life changing experience, and from that point on she knew that she herself wanted to become a body piercer. Jenny is extremely personable and always does her best to make her customers as comfortable, relaxed, and informed as possible.

Jenny is also bi-lingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. She is a huge help when it comes to assisting our Spanish speaking customers. The way she sees it is “It’s hard enough trusting a total stranger to stick you with a needle; you should be comfortable during the process.” Trust us, you are in good hands!

Jenny‘s work schedule is:

Thursday –Sunday 10am - 6pm and Mondays from 6pm - 2am

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