Joe "Juggie" Juchnowski

Joe "Juggie" Juchnowski

Tattoo Artist

If you are looking for a tattooist with the Chicago style, look no further! Joe apprenticed under Tattoo Pete, the founder of Tattoo Factory, in 1993. Under Pete’s tutelage, Joe learned our craft the old school way, he got hollered at until he got it right! Fortunately for him (and Pete's vocal cords) he learned quickly and is now one of Chicago's best known names.

Joe is the kind of artist who listens to what a customer is asking for and can draw even the vaguest idea, turning it into the art that the customer originally envisioned. He is great at black and gray work and has a bold graphic style that lends itself to the tattoo approach. Joe says, "I think you should be able to see what a tattoo is from 10 feet away." This reflects in his work and some have compared his tattoos to a sticker because they are so clean.

Joe would love to work with you on a design you already have or come on by and work something out with him, his passion shows in every tattoo and loves doing Chicago Cubs tattoos as well. You will be able to find him at the shop Wednesday-Sunday 6pm till 2am.

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