Maxwell Lofton

Maxwell Lofton

Piercing Specialist

Fill-In Artist

Convention Artist

I started piercing when I was around 18. By 20, I was at every convention I could possibly go to and literally stand by the best two piercers booth for countless hours watching their every move asking them a million and one questions. I would read any book I could get my hands on about the art of body modification from times that were from the B.C. era. Started piercing friends as much as possible and luckily a few years later I was given an opportunity to work at a tattoo shop and continued to learn everything I could. I'm pretty much 90% free hand piercer for a more pain free experience and much more accurate entrance and exit insertion but for safety reasons some piercings I will use a clamp. I specialize in microdermals and other piercings you don't tend to see often. Working on a masters in acupuncture, so as you can see, needles are my tools of the trade. Hope to see you soon. Maxwell

IG- xmaxwellox

Gmail- xmaxwellox

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