Salvatore Perry

Salvatore Perry

Tattoo Artist

Sal came to our industry via the long road. In fact if you would have told him back in 1987, when he started getting tattoos, that he would be an artist at one of the most renowned shops in the city he would have laughed! After getting bored with the work-a-day world, he knew he had to make the transition to artist, but was at a loss as to how. He developed a friendship with Crazy Mike, a master of the tattoo craft, and the next thing he knew he was on his way to being one of the cornerstones of our shops character.

To be honest, the man is crazy. He has nothing in common with the crab-assery that some have come to expect from other tattoo shops. Don’t be surprised to see him singing and dancing around the shop, but don’t judge his talent by the quality of his jokes! One look at his online portfolio will tell that part of the story much better than words could.

The man also has an exceptional knowledge of the artwork in the shops flash racks. If you have an idea rattling around in your head, he will be happy to give you the help required getting it into a tattoo format. We appreciate it when the customers bring in their ideas, the more resource you bring the better Sal will achieve your vision.

As of May 2017 Solly Ringo has made it! He is semi retired now and only taking appointments Email him to congratulate him or set up what may be his last tattoo!

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