Steve Kleiner

Steve  Kleiner

Tattoo Artist

Steve was born on December 7th on the northwest side of Chicago (Edison Park area) to Ralph and Penny Kleiner. He attended Notre Dame High School in Niles. Steve also attended the Oakton Community College and Columbia College before getting his Associates Degree in graphic design from The American Academy of Art.

Steve received his first tattoo in 1995 (at the age of 19) in the kitchen of his friend and long time co-worker, Miles Maniaci. In addition to being a tattoo artist at the Tattoo Factory, Steve was also a punk rock D.J. at various night clubs in the city. He was also an all around good guy to know. Steve was never afraid to give you a hand or go along with any crazy idea you could come up with.

Steve passed away February 18th 2003. It seems the people we care about the most are taken away too soon…

The Tattoo Factory misses you Steve.

Rudy, Phil Cisco, Sam Avani, Miles Maniaci, Scotty Death, Paulie, Juggie, Tapeworm, Betty, Shannon… and the list goes on…

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